On giving up the man behind The Canyons

Don’t watch it. It’s a gut exploitation film experience with a negative sign.

All cross-overs from hollow-like state to emotional vulnerability are too trite and all too predictable. Characters make no understatements and I wonder what is the point of minimalism if not to handle understatement. Why make art at all if not for what lies behind zombification? If all you want is chastise indie film-making, prepare an interview, not a script. You want to deride the resilience of the human spirit, do more than fall to show human falling.

After Lunar Park I wished for something else than a falling from Ellis the man; that is why I read Imperial Bedrooms with disappointment. Now the Canyons reveal even a smaller soul hiding behind the old pre-Lunar Park recipe. It has never been easier for me to look away from an Ellis work.


~ by ionsterpan on September 22, 2013.

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