Relieved that zanpakutos are hollows

Snapshot after Bleach Chapter 541:

[13.06.2013 20:27:07] Ion Sterpan: don’t you feel relieved learning that zanpakutos are “in fact” (compositionally and functionally) hollows?
[13.06.2013 20:27:38] Ion Sterpan: there are good things to be expected from the hollow in us
[13.06.2013 20:27:42] Milosz Pawlowski: well, having a hollow inside is a good thing.
[13.06.2013 20:27:57] Ion Sterpan: not simply having one „inside”.
[13.06.2013 20:28:19] Ion Sterpan: but having one in one’s depth…
[13.06.2013 20:28:33] Ion Sterpan: the zanpakuto is the edge of your personal blade
[13.06.2013 20:28:44] Ion Sterpan: it is not a device, not a skill
[13.06.2013 20:29:06] Ion Sterpan: not an experience, not a lesson, not an acquired thing
[13.06.2013 20:29:34] Ion Sterpan: it is inextricably developed with oneself
[13.06.2013 20:29:48] Ion Sterpan: and it is so… free
[13.06.2013 20:29:57] Ion Sterpan: it wants you to be free.
[13.06.2013 20:30:09] Ion Sterpan: Zangetsu was an authority
[13.06.2013 20:30:21] Ion Sterpan: a parent, a wise man,
[13.06.2013 20:30:24] Ion Sterpan: a professor
[13.06.2013 20:30:31] Ion Sterpan: someone you had to listen to.
[13.06.2013 20:30:41] Ion Sterpan: but Hollow-Ichigo…
[13.06.2013 20:30:51] Ion Sterpan: is just the pure will!
[13.06.2013 20:31:02] Ion Sterpan: i mean Fake-Zangetsu (i.e. old man Zangetsu, Juha Bach’s seed pretending to be Ichigo’s authentic zanpakuto)
[13.06.2013 20:31:06] Ion Sterpan: was an authority.
[13.06.2013 20:31:11] Milosz Pawlowski: yes.
[13.06.2013 20:31:22] Ion Sterpan: so yesterday we learned that True-Zangetsu is Hollow-Ichigo
[13.06.2013 20:31:39] Ion Sterpan: i feel freer now, I think
[13.06.2013 20:31:54] Ion Sterpan: i see Ichigo’s liberation from Zangetsu as a good thing
[13.06.2013 20:32:07] Ion Sterpan: from Fake-Zangetsu, that is.
[13.06.2013 20:32:34] Ion Sterpan: think of Hollow-Ichigo-Zangetsu in the form of the one horned-child.
[13.06.2013 20:32:51] Ion Sterpan:  in fact, Ichigo also liberated Fake-Zangetsu from Fake-Zangetsu
[13.06.2013 20:32:53] Milosz Pawlowski: actually, Fake-Zangetsu stepped down by himself
[13.06.2013 20:33:03] Milosz Pawlowski: ?
[13.06.2013 20:33:09] Milosz Pawlowski: the last sentence
[13.06.2013 20:33:22] Ion Sterpan: yeah, the last sentence… think of the child, man.
[13.06.2013 20:33:54] Ion Sterpan: the one horned child is Fake-Zangetsu fused with Hollow-Ichigo in the one-horned-child form
[13.06.2013 20:34:06] Ion Sterpan: that kid / child is a purification of the quincy power coming from Juha Bach
[13.06.2013 20:34:40] Ion Sterpan: ok, Zangetsu stepped down, but he also said that he psychologically “could not but step down”
[13.06.2013 20:34:56] Ion Sterpan: because he was too happy to see his “son” growing so strong
[13.06.2013 20:35:05] Ion Sterpan: so in a sense he was defeated
[13.06.2013 20:35:20] Ion Sterpan: by being mollified.
[13.06.2013 20:35:28] Milosz Pawlowski: but what do you mean by „liberated from himself”?
[13.06.2013 20:35:42] Milosz Pawlowski: that he does not need to pretend to be Zangetsu anymore?
[13.06.2013 20:35:42] Ion Sterpan: i mean that the one horned kid, Ichigo-Getsuga… is the sign that Fake-Zangetsu was mollified
[13.06.2013 20:35:53] Ion Sterpan: at the sight of Ichigo growing
[13.06.2013 20:36:23] Ion Sterpan: and well, if Ichigo mollified Fake-Zangetsu….
[13.06.2013 20:36:49] Ion Sterpan: then Ichigo managed to liberate Fake-Zangetsu (i.e. Juha Bach) from his obsession – rule the world and destroy shinigami.
[13.06.2013 20:37:11] Ion Sterpan: liberated Juha Bach from his bad self
[13.06.2013 20:37:20] Ion Sterpan: by turning him for a moment into a child
[13.06.2013 20:37:34] Milosz Pawlowski: i see
[13.06.2013 20:38:04] Ion Sterpan: i am happy you don’t disagree
[13.06.2013 20:38:23] Ion Sterpan: because this interpretation is very satisfying for me at this point
[13.06.2013 20:38:37] Ion Sterpan: I now love the hollow inside.
[13.06.2013 20:38:49] Ion Sterpan: i can “hold” it, in the sense of hug. It is in this sense that I am relieved authentic zanpakutos have always been hollows.
[13.06.2013 20:38:52] Ion Sterpan: hugging… this is John Bowlby’s concept, it means psychological containment
[13.06.2013 20:38:57] Ion Sterpan: i can contain it
[13.06.2013 20:39:16] Ion Sterpan: by taking it in my arms
[13.06.2013 20:39:39] Ion Sterpan: can you imagine?
[13.06.2013 20:40:51] Ion Sterpan: in my case, and even in Juha Bach’s, Hollow-Ichigo managed to melt a heart of stone
[13.06.2013 20:40:59] Ion Sterpan: Juha Bach’s heart of stone
[13.06.2013 20:41:14] Milosz Pawlowski: :) that’s moving
[13.06.2013 20:41:17] Milosz Pawlowski: and
[13.06.2013 20:41:22] Milosz Pawlowski: i see two aspects
[13.06.2013 20:41:40] Milosz Pawlowski: one is care for the inner child
[13.06.2013 20:41:44] Milosz Pawlowski: but then,
[13.06.2013 20:41:49] Milosz Pawlowski: through that,
[13.06.2013 20:42:20] Milosz Pawlowski: you also may get into the position of “parent”
[13.06.2013 20:42:35] Milosz Pawlowski: and provide security
[13.06.2013 20:44:26] Ion Sterpan: aha. right…
[13.06.2013 20:44:29] Ion Sterpan: my own parent
[13.06.2013 20:44:54] Ion Sterpan: yes. I am starting to feel like one.
[13.06.2013 20:45:17] Ion Sterpan: Bowlby says one of the greatest gifts parents can give to children is to allow them to express their feelings of anger
[13.06.2013 20:45:47] Ion Sterpan: contain, and psychologically “hold” their angry children kicking them in the leg
[13.06.2013 20:46:40] Milosz Pawlowski: it strikes a chord
[13.06.2013 20:46:57] Milosz Pawlowski: hold’em while they’re kicking…
[13.06.2013 20:47:22] Milosz Pawlowski: that’s acceptance.


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