Shinigami – Hollow distinction

I list below the characteristics of shinigami and hollows. Although I list them side by side, the items are not meant to be exact counterparts/opposities.

Shinigami                                                   Hollow
accept the world                                          desire revolution
protect                                                             destroy
fight                                                                   destroy
obey, observe rules                                    break all the limits
do not eat                                                        eat, hunger for more
limit, form                                                       excess, formlessness
stable, “dead”                                                  changing, evolving
sense of purpose                                           despair
discipline                                                         obsession
satisfied with their place                           insatiable, need to be on top
reason                                                               instinct
look inside for the good                             look outside for the good/liberation                                                                                            existential fear, anxiety

The shinigami form is not identical to the hollow form. How then is it possible that the shinigami power = hollow power?

Answer: the characteristics of shinigami and hollow are not contradictory – they are complementary opposites.

How is it possible to integrate these? What does it mean to become one with hollow/zanpaktou?

Answer. It is not to live as hollow; assume a hollow form or desire. It is to:

  • have full understanding and control over one’s power (control being realized by instinct and mutual love and trust with the zanpaktou/inner hollow). Trust instincts, but do not let them guide you independently of reason.
  • have the purpose which is not limited nor self-contradictory nor evidencing the lack of self-acceptance
  • be open for novelty;  do not absolutize any limited form or power

~ by Milosz Pawlowski on February 20, 2011.

One Response to “Shinigami – Hollow distinction”

  1. Very interesting subject-matter. I personally always felt that Hollows represent Emotion, Intuition and Instinct, while Shinigami were the avatars of Logic and Reason.

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