Bleach 252: the heart

I like the idea that you need to open your heart to somebody to kill him :)

Of course, in a serious fight between warriors. Why?

First, obvious answer. Closing your heart means focusing on yourself. In this state you cannot focus your mind solely on killing the enemy – and that is necessary in fights to the death. In Bleach this also means that you cannot  r e l e a s e, externalize reiatsu – and you need that even to cut your enemy.

Second and less obvious answer. Fights in Bleach are always between  s p i r i t u a l beings – and their nature is likewise spiritual. (Serious) fights involve the clash of personal philosophies. That is why the enemies  a l w a y s  talk to one another – communicate – open their hearts to one another. Communication is the key thing in this episode. If you are not ready to fight on the psychological, spiritual level you must either cut off yourself (barrier) or cut off the opponent (seal).

It is striking that Kouga – as well as the Arrancars – relies on his strength. They always make it – or want to make it – absolute, invincible. And they rely on their special powers to get advantage in battle. This makes them predictable and weak. On the contrary, all captains – starting with Aizen – seem to hold that there is no absolute power. They are simply strong and are getting ever stronger. So what they rely on? On their hearts: on pure attitude. This is different for different captains:

  • honor for Byakuya
  • justice for Tousen
  • instinct and joy of fight for Zaraki

The best example is Yumichika. He almost totally renounces the use of his special power – in order to win through the sheer force of will. This is the purest expression of the reliance of what is purely inner, spiritual.


~ by aquinis on January 9, 2010.

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