Arrancar Soldiers, Under the Sign of the Fake

I like how they mocked the ‘fake’. Aizen is the power of fake. His Zanpakuto (the true nature of his soul) is Illusion. All his soldiers are under the sign of fake. Some tragically so.

His main officers, Tousen and Ichimaru are blinded. The first really is blind, can’t see the true nature of his master, easy to be lied to. The second always keeps his eyes closed: refuses to see the truth.

Tousen is really tragic. He knows he should be afraid of his own power. So he taught his vicecaptain, Kira: fear your own power, he who does not fear the sword he’s yielding, does not deserve one. Tousen’s Zanpakuto is darkness. So in principle he is scared of the darkness he can bring upon others and upon himself. Tousen’s power is working against him and his ideal of Justice; that is, if he is wrong being on Aizen’s side. The guy is so much in the dark, inescapably.

Charlotte Cuulhorne:
He is the kitsch, the fake beauty. The guy grossly took all that is disgusting from soap operas.
He is ridiculous: on the one hand he’s effeminate – wants to be a bearer of a woman’s beauty (and exaggeratedly so), but he is grossly packed with a male bodybuilder’s musculature. He wants it all. Note his name. A male harlot. He artificially put together all elements that are commonly called ‘beautiful’ red, roses, lipstick, long curly hair, naked heeps etc, in the hope that the whole will also be beautiful, or all the more so. Stupid phrases and fake pop-wisdom such as: ‘Ugly me? ugly is he who judges others as ugly.’

Avirama Redder, the Aguila:
The fake courage. This is mocking NLP, the artificial Neurolinguistic Programming and coaching techniques. Avirama thinks battle is all about pumping yourself and then crushing the opponent. “Who’s the most courageous guy in town etc?” Note his name: it’s about behavioral traits.  When facing death, it turns out Avirama is a sad coward.


~ by ionsterpan on May 18, 2009.

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