Seven Samurai and Bleach (Dialogue)

Milosz: i finished 7 samurai… So. about the ending: the farmers have a future. things to look to; that’s why they always worry; but also why they can win.
Ionut: hmm, good idea
Milosz: though…   i’m not sure if “future” is the right word. Because on the other hand they are a part of an eternal rhythm of rebirth.
Milosz: so rather their worry and hope are for that cycle.
Milosz: but when they succeed, they put the past behind. They are blessed.
Milosz: while for the samurai, the only future is another battle; and death
Milosz: and they always carry the memory of their fallen comrades in the end.
Ionut: right.
Milosz: they turn out to have been servants of the peasants
Ionut: the one with the dead wife was able to leave her memory behind and take joy in the rebirth of the village
Milosz: yes. and even the shamed woman could rejoin
Ionut: yes
Milosz: but those guys are left out
Ionut: ok.
Ionut: so in terms of “class” each class has their own fallen guys
Milosz: yes
Ionut: but why is it that some can leave the bad past behind?
Milosz: hmmm
Milosz: the past is not bad, as i see it. it’s just that peasants are a-historical beings
Milosz: while samurais live in history.
Milosz: however, the ending can be of course read in many ways
Milosz: e.g.
Milosz: yes, the life is always renewed; but the destiny of every single being is the grave
Ionut: death. why can’t samurais forget the dead?
Milosz: because they are ‘aware of death’; that is the essence of their class
Ionut: the head samurai sees himself as losing each time; they just have their perception biased for death?
Milosz: partly
Milosz: but look: if his task… hmmm. I see what you mean.
Ionut: Each class has an essence.
Milosz: the life which he protects and which is reborn is not his own
Ionut: Peasants: life, rebirth. Samurais: fight till death. Bandits: plunder, seize the moment and “consume”
Milosz: yeah. the ever-new life belongs to peasants; so the samurai cannot enjoy what he protects
Milosz: he just serves, and never receives
Ionut: I see. but what CAN he receive?
Milosz: well, honour. during life and after death
Ionut: ok.
Milosz: but. bandits are interesting too
Ionut: they are uncoordinated beasts
Milosz: he has it both in defeat and in losing
Ionut: they are ‘nuts’
Milosz: yeah. hmmm
Ionut: they just kept coming like animals; making the same mistake over and over
Milosz: the other classes can only be understood in relation to peasants
Milosz: or?
Milosz: ok, peasants = normal, full human life
Milosz: bandits = consumption of what peasants bring, destruction, craziness, animality
Milosz: and death
Milosz: the other clasess, being opposed to peasants
Milosz: have to be on the side of death
Milosz: bandits are just destruction
Milosz: samurais are destruction; supposed to be directed at destruction
Milosz: and this would earn them rightly the share in peasant’s goods
Milosz: however:  a) many samurais are no different than bandits;  b) samurais after all isolate themselves from peasants.
Milosz: as supposedly superior. And of course they are heroic
Milosz: but in the end it is an empty superiority. As being beyond human condition means going to the side of death even in life
Milosz: so there is no victory
Milosz: my, you’ve fallen silent :)
Ionut: no no im thinking
Ionut: you’re good
Ionut: we make a good team with you spelling out everything and I swallowing it
Ionut: :)
Ionut: I guess you’re right
Ionut: that’s what the chief samurai meant when he said he lost
Ionut: 1. he lost soldiers and he carries the memory of their death. 2. he can’t share in life’s gifts, cause he’s left out because of his superiority; 3.he has no meaning now since the main drive is no longer here (bandits are gone)
Milosz: ah, good
Ionut: bandits are hollow
Milosz: aha!
Milosz: yes
Ionut: it was very surprising for me to see how badly they fought
Milosz: yeah
Milosz: but still they killed
Ionut: that’s because their essence is not fighting, but destroying chaotically
Milosz: riiight
Milosz: fighting = protecting
Ionut: all hollows and arrancar fight irrationally until self destruction.
Milosz: or fighting = expressing yourself
Milosz: of course arrancar are better than hollow
Milosz: they protect and express something, but which is ultimately meaningless – just a black hole
Ionut: fighting = perfecting a skill as a long term project. This entails care for the preservation of one’s own life at least. and as such, protecting one’s own life, at least. so there has to be some protection in the definition of the real art of fighting.
Milosz: yes
Ionut: Aizen is a fighter. A true fighter
Milosz: right
Milosz: arrancar are hard to figure out
Ionut: but Grimmjow is not
Ionut: he is killing himself irrationally
Milosz: and that’s right, since they cross boundaries
Milosz: but well
Milosz: 11h division is also like that
Ionut: mmmm
Ionut: yeah
Milosz: and then, at some other time we said that what distinguishes arrancar from hollows is that they regained reason
Milosz: so they are not completely irrational
Milosz: ok, my try is this: they have ambition. And they want to protect it
Milosz: but their ambitions are, upon analysis, purely destructive and self-destructive
Ionut: well. That’s true about grimmjow too
Milosz: “kill all who look down on me”
Milosz: that seems to be their main drive
Milosz: “and let me die if I can’t be on top”
Ionut: maybe the 11th division is the counterpart for Aizen-Ichimaru-the blind guy
Milosz: ???
Milosz: how?
Ionut: what these 3 guys are for the side of the Hollow, the 11th division is for the side of Shinigami
Ionut: a strange weapon to deal with the other side
Milosz: aha
Ionut: class-ly speaking :)
Milosz: right
Ionut: a “tail”
Milosz: what just cross my mind was also the yin-yang principle
Ionut: different from the body
Ionut: a thorny tail
Milosz: you know the symbol, right?
Ionut: well yeah
Milosz: Aizen et al = shinimagmi element in hollow’s world
Milosz: 11th division = hollow element in shinigami’s world
Ionut: ok
Milosz: and you’re right, there is an analogy
Ionut: is there a yin in every yang and the other way round?
Milosz: yes
Milosz: on both sides these guys are most full of life
Milosz: oh well
Milosz: no, drop it…
Milosz: so… if bandits are hollows
Milosz: then shinigami are samurais
Milosz: does it mean they also lose?
Milosz: i’d think so
Milosz: remember, i said that shinigami are incomplete, one-dimensional beings
Ionut: remind me
Ionut: they’ve got only courage or smth?
Milosz: right…
Milosz: and most of them are not interested in love
Milosz: just fighting, duty, honour
Ionut: ok.
Ionut: have hollows more than one dimension?
Ionut: no.
Ionut: have arrancars?
Ionut: no.
Milosz: arrancars do
Milosz: well
Milosz: they’re hollows + shinigami
Milosz: or are they just hollows with some shinigami powers?
Ionut: kind of
Milosz: hmmm
Ionut: from what I saw up to now, yes.
Milosz: right
Ionut: the hollow – purpose encompasses the shinigami powers
Ionut: the hollow-purpose
Milosz: yeah
Milosz: with Vaizards it’s the other way round
Milosz: so
Ionut: and engages that skill to the same goal – chaotic destruction
Milosz: the crossing of boundaries is just a means
Ionut: yeah man
Milosz: by itself it does not elevate you to a higher plane
Ionut: this is kind of sad to discover.  Ichigo obeys the same principle. Even if with him the Master-nature alternates. There has to be one in full control
Milosz: right
Milosz: the change is that one’s being is more integrated
Milosz: but after all
Milosz: it is one’s heart and its purpose which matter for getting to Heaven
Ionut: ok.
Ionut: did grimmjow want to become king in Heaven?
Milosz: well
Milosz: i don’t think so
Milosz: he didn;t think it through
Ionut: he said smth about it
Milosz: yes
Ionut: and Ichigo mentioned it
Milosz: yes, and said it was foolish
Ionut: well, he didn’t ‘think’ it through, his nature is not to think, just ‘want’. He can’t make anything of Ichigo’s words.
Milosz: exactly. And Grimmjow would be a king without subjects
Milosz: while hollows may want just “more, more”, the arrancar may want “higher, higher”
Ionut: yeah
Milosz: but still without thinking why and what  it does entail
Ionut: yeah
Milosz: as Tousen said to Grimmjow “yeah, I have morals, and you lack it”
Ionut: ok.
Milosz: and though I may also kill, this is JUSTICE
Milosz: and when you do it just meaningless slaughter
Ionut: or at least for the sake of it.
Ionut: yeah.
Ionut: for the sake of ‘justice’
Milosz: yes
Ionut: so I would say this is the difference between samurais and bandits
Ionut: the long-term project
Ionut: an ordering of all things in one’s mind
Milosz: however. Samurais do it at the cost of far-reaching abstinence
Milosz: so in the end they fail to “consume”
Milosz: while peasants get to.


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