Reflections after Bleach 142

Everybody seems to act so illogically/incompetently… Urahara with Orihime. The old guy. One could even doubt Aizen… it seems like he doesn’t really care about killing Ichigo or the shinigami squad. Actually, I suppose this is intentional. He wants to have people to rule over when he becomes a god. That’s why he didn’t kill Hitsugaya, even when he could have. He teaches everybody, if there is an occasion… he may even want them to become stronger. And if they happen to die in the process, who cares, it’s natural that weaklings die.

As for the old guy Yamamoto. He may be a retard. But after this scene in 142 I’m more sure than ever that he’s a big plotter.
a) his actions against Aizen lack any sense. He sends the squad, moves it back… for what purpose? But see: what if he sent them to death, but when they turn out victorious, he moves them back? now it makes sense…
b) Orihime. His quick conclusion and the way he went about things are bound to decrease morale or lead to mutiny… Then – did he forget about Urahara? It was immediately obvious that Ichigo will go to him for help. But then, by not allowing any other shinigami to go with him, the old guy only decreases his chances of coming back alive…
c) look at his HR policy in the long run. If you remove the 3 “traitorous” captains, you’ll see that all the rest are people either easy to manipulate or who would not present a threat to his power:
2nd squad – a stupid and ambitious woman; he also let her have an extremely stupid vice-captain. And we’re talking about are secret services. Under such leadership, they are his tool and could present no threat.
4th – Unohana is a respectable captain; but not very powerful.
5th – Byakuya: young, ambitious and stiff, obediently follows rules and orders
7th – Komamura: feels indebted to and worships the old guy. Doesn’t seem to be a great thinker.
8th – Kyoraku: his student. The guy is smart, but lazy and careless. He has a vice-captain who is weak, but can run the division for him. His division is weak…
10th – a kid…
11th – Zaraki is uncontrollable but has v. limited interests.
12th – Kurotsuchi – ambitious; conducts all kinds of fishy experiments and kills subordinates; hated by everyone. It’d be v. easy to remove him, so he’s under control.
13th – his student. Ukitake is often unconsious and weak bc. of the illness… doesn’t even have a vice.

And how did we arrive at such state? First, he got rid of such powerful people as Yoruichi and Urahara… and perhaps Kurosaki’s father. Then, at the first sign that Ukitake and Kyoraku can think and act independently, he’s in rush to kill them [he didn’t care about Zaraki’s disobedience!].

There is much we don’t know about history… First of all: what happened to many captains in the past? Hitsugaya was freshly appointed at the beg. of the series. Did the previous captain die? Was killed in a fight with Hollows? Moved to Room 46 (the guys there were dressed like captains)? Or just disappeared? Similarly for previous captains of Gin’s, Tousen’s, Komamura’s and Byakuya’s divisions (they’re all rel. young captains).

I think that the old guy is either with Aizen or that he uses Aizen’s plans for his own purposes. If the second, then there are further poss.:
a) Aizen doesn’t know that.
b) they both know of each other’s plans but pretend not to.
c) they both know and have an agreement. which of course they intend to break.
It can be ruled out that they are open enemies; why would the old guy let Aizen realize his plans? It’s v. probable that Gin or Tousen (or both) are agents: of the old guy, or the King, or yet sbd. else. Kurotsuchi is sbd.’s agent for 100% but it’s hard to say whose. It’d make most sense if he were within Aizen-old guy agreement. Then his comment “I’m not interested in that” when hearing the news about Aizen’s “treason” would make a lot of sense – he doesn’t need to play in the small comedy Aizen and Yamamoto show for the benefit of the shinigami. He has better stuff to do.


~ by aquinis on October 5, 2007.

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