Aizen’s Justice (Dialogue)

After episode 122:

Ionut: Did Tousen say that he wanted justice (just punishment for those who disturb the peace) for Aizen’s sake ? I like Tousen’s being blind, like justice. Did he say many episodes ago that “he was Justice” or smth like that?

It is strange. Aizen said he wasn’t mad. So, if this meant that Grimmjow ought not be punished, then Tousen did a wrong thing. And if he did a wrong thing, then, Grimmjow’s retaliation was correct. But then, Aizen says that Grimmjow’s attacking Tousen was incorrect. Therefore it is not the case that Aizen meant Grimmjow ought not be punished. Perhaps he only meant: Grimmjow need not be punished? Smth like, it is permissible not to have Grimmjow punished and it is also permissible to have him punished? This is very demeaning to Grimmjow, like killing a fly, whatever you do or not do to it, is OK.

If this picture is accurate, then Aizen did not really offend Tousen. But he kinda teased him in the beginning, as Ichimaru noticed

Milosz: That’s an extremely interesting interpretation. I’ll think more about it.

Tousen said “I’m always the same. The path which I thread is Justice”. I like him.

Milosz: Yes, Tousen said he wants justice (punishment of dicturbers of peace) for Aizen’s sake. His attitude towards Aizen is intriguing. In Soul Society he was saying that justice is when least blood is shed. Now he says that slaughter for a higher reason is justice. I guess this higher reason has to be saving an even greater nb. of lives if he is to be consistent…

I guess Aizen embodies justice for Tousen. He is like God for him – and well, after all, that’s what Aizen wants to be! And Tousen must have absolute trust in Aizen’s goodwill…My thought about the scene… Aizen is fond of enigmatic commentaries and teaching lessons… So first, he says “I’m not upset” to Tousen. I think he means:

a) don’t think that such a trivial matter could upset me, the God.

b) are you really concerned about me? or are you just acting on your own emotions, which you hastily attribute to me; and use me to legitimize your feelings and actions?

With Grimmjow he’s ironic: “So you did that to please me, right?”. I think you’re right that he’s condescending to Grimmjow. Grimmjow tries to act tough: ”I don’t care about punishment, I won’t justify myself”. But in a few seconds Aizen forces him to agree to an extremely humiliating interpretation: that all he wants to do is to please Aizen. And by means of such – obviously wrong – interpretation, he is spared… I think Grimmjow hates Aizen. But he’s not bad. Saying “Yes” to Aizen’s intepretation he says “Ok, I can play your game. I know for now you’re too powerful for me…”

Going back to Tousen. When he asks for execution, Aizen reminds him again: this is your wish, not mine (and Grimmjow is quick to pick it up). But when Tousen declares that his ultimate reason is to serve Aizen, he gives him free hand in punishing Grimmjow. But not executing him, there’s no need, since Grimmjow submitted to Aizen…

I think whether Aizen decided that executing Grimmjow is right depended on behaviour of both Grimmjow and Tousen. In the end, they both made it through their lessons, and that’s what Aizen wanted…


~ by aquinis on April 28, 2007.

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